Preparing Your HVAC For The Coming Thaw

In the stark realization that spring is on its way it's easy to lose sight of some essential maintenance around your house. Projects overlap, family trips start getting planned, and some very basic tasks fall by the wayside. Preparing your air conditioner for the onslaught of warm weather shouldn't be among those, and if you make a solid plan well in advance you'll stand a better chance of being ready when the mercury starts to rise. [Read More]

Three Reasons You Need To Put Air Conditioner Inspection And Maintenance On Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

Don't wait until the summer heat sets in to inspect your air conditioning unit. You need to know if your AC unit is running well or it needs repairs, so you should make air conditioner inspection and maintenance part of your spring cleaning routine. Here's why. Timing One of the most important reason to add air conditioning maintenance to your spring cleaning checklist is because of the timing. The last thing you want to do is be stuck in a sweltering hot house, waiting for your AC to be fixed. [Read More]

Three Ways To Improve Your HVAC System's Performance

Cooling and heating a home can absorb a disproportionate amount of your budget, but you don't have to just assume that there is nothing you can do to decrease your HVAC costs. Sometimes all you need is a little maintenance to get a lot more efficiency, and sometimes you just need to improve your home's energy efficiency. Still, without spending a ton of money, there are at least three things you can quickly do to improve your HVAC system's efficiency and save yourself some money. [Read More]