3 Innovative Ways To Stay Warm And Cozy During A Heating Outage

In the middle of the coldest winter night, your furnace shuts down unexpectedly and you are stuck indoors due to the snow. Place a call to a heating repair service for help, and use these three innovative ideas to stay warm.  1. Pop up a tent inside the house.  It may sound like an odd recommendation, but if you've ever camped in chilly weather, you will know how quickly a tent can get warm and cozy. [Read More]

Pick The Right Air Conditioner For Your Home Installation

When you're ready to stop sweating in your home, it's time to call an AC installation service. They can hook up the air conditioner of your choice and fit it neatly into the appropriate place in your home. Your AC technician can take care of the physical labor, but they can't choose an air conditioner for you. Here are three AC facts that will help you make a smart selection: [Read More]

Dealing With Lukewarm Water? A Look At 3 Potential Culprits

Your hot water heater has just one job — providing a steady supply of hot water for your entire home. When the water inside your hot water heater suddenly turns lukewarm, you'll want answers. Here are three common issues that could cause your water heater to stop producing hot water. Faulty Thermostat Just as your HVAC system uses its thermostat to regulate temperatures throughout your home, your water heater's thermostat helps maintain its supply of hot water at safe but usable temperatures. [Read More]

Signs That It's Time To Upgrade Your Home's Electrical System

If the lights in your home turn on when you hit the switch and your appliances turn on as instructed at the flip of a switch, you may not be aware that your electrical system in your home is not exactly in good working order. Sure, everything works, but you may not be getting enough power or your breaker box may be so full that there isn't any room for anything else. [Read More]